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A proven step-by-step business system that drives consistent results. Over 20,000 managers and CEOs have used CEO Tools© to drive profitable growth.


10-Fold Growth from CEO Tools Journey

Frieda’s, Inc. is a third-generation, woman-owned family business. When Frieda’s daughters bought the company from their parents, Karen and Jackie used CEO Tools© business system to forward their company as an industry innovator with a $50 million annual revenue.


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Clear company goals communicated with teams focused on quarterly actions to meet their annual targets
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Frieda’s became a performance-driven, metrics-focused company, providing feedback on metrics on a daily and weekly basis
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Trust was built as everyone in the company understood they were each critical to its success
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Meetings became opportunities to learn more about customers, trends, competition, AND ask questions

Financial Results

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Frieda’s has built an autonomous company through development of a capable professionals

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Frieda’s has grown tenfold and now employs over 120 people, regularly achieving an annual revenue of $50 million
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Leadership is able to maintain a sharp focus on the future and create Frieda’s place as an industry innovator
“CEO’s know the importance of always looking at the numbers. It’s important to emphasize to your team that whatever effort is being made, whatever change you’re making, whatever process you’ve started; it always shows up in the numbers. Good or bad it always shows up in the numbers. Effort does not always yield a positive result.

I was introduced to tools like the trailing 12-month charts and it gave a very different picture about the trends in my business. I got a much better picture of what’s happening in my company by using the tools in CEO Tools© and it gave me the ability to make better decisions more quickly.”

— Karen B. Caplan

CEO & President– Frieda’s Specialty Produce

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Systematic and flexible

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CEO Tools© stands for Tools and Practices to Communicate, Execute, Optimize. With over 70 of these tools and practices, some are core and others as needed. The flow is optimal to producing consistently excellent results, as depicted here.

Your organization may not need ALL these practices, you may be doing some things very well. GREAT! We’ll complement your existing strengths with what is needed.

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