Do You Resist Collaboration?

Can you admit it?  It’s okay, you are not alone. Many people resist collaboration with colleagues.

I find my preference for collaboration increasing. We have so much to consider in business today, going it alone isn’t very wise!

Collaborative accountability is recognizing that even though many minds have contributed to the decision, ultimately if it is my department or my project or my company, I am accountable for producing results.

More and more I am inclined to do all the requisite planning, include others in those discussions and decisions, then focus on an intention for a desired outcome and see what shows up.    I become less attached that it has to go how I think it should go — too much is not in my control — and I ALLOW the result to show up.

This leads to noticing my surroundings, such as:

  • Who shows up to collaborate
  • Whether I am pushing the river or taking a nice ride in the direction it is already going
  • The questions people are asking about my intention
  • My energy surrounding the intention, and whether I feel vital and alive or dragged down by my accountability for it
  • If I’m speaking with authority, or if I’m complaining
  • Whether my desk remains clean and clear, or if I become a clutter bug, distracted and/or upset.

When I notice my surroundings and myself in this way, I find I am naturally more accountable.  I am also more relaxed, more present, and calmer and nicer to be around!

When I’ve been collaborative as part of the decision-making process I always FEEL better about the outcome, because I have the experience of taking part in something that is larger and more important than my own ego-needs.  I have enrolled others in my game (project, plan, outcome) and others are proactive contributors.  That gives me the experience of being part of a self-selected community.

How might I support your growth and development in this area of your work?


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