Leadership Strategies for Building an Effective Team

In today’s business it is important to strengthen the links uniting you and your team if you are committed to being victorious. The reality is a leader without followers goes into battle alone.  Leaders earn followers.  So how do you garner their allegiance?

Leadership strategies for building an effective team start with establishing a reliable climate of collaboration and some camaraderie. But this is a balancing act.  You want to garner their trust, and also have their respect. Too much friendliness can usurp your power to lead; too little and you may appear unapproachable.

Ask yourself the right questions:

  • Am I credible in their eyes?
  • How can I show them I am trustworthy and I have their best interests in mind, not just my own?
  • Do my colleagues understand what I want and need from them?
  • Do I show as much respect for them as I expect from them?


Everyday Strategies:

  1. Walk your talk.  Be an example of excellence.  Be willing to roll up your sleeves and do the dirty work. It is only by demonstrating good work that you can expect good work in return.  The best leaders are, above all else, committed and effective workers.
  2. Demonstrate humility and integrity on a daily basis.
  3. Be available to your people. Do not take the monkey from their back onto yours; rather show your interest in their work product.  When giving feedback, do it without depreciating their valuable contribution and do it as an instructor with their growth as your intention.
  4. Use quality communication as the glue.  For your team to be effective the communication has to be effective, particularly in your absence. Effectiveness is characterized as clear and focused.
  5. Inspire your team to want to go further and to be successful no matter what happens.
  6. Value their work by congratulating them on their results and without blaming them when their objectives were not completely fulfilled. Failure is a teacher, and if people do not feel free to fail, they are also not free to succeed.
  7. Invite them to express their opinion so they feel valued for their perspectives and contributions in the decision-making process.

What does your team think of you, and each other?

What’s important is not only your answer to this question, but what your team believes—about themselves and about you as their leader.

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