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Paradoxical Leadership Optimization

Innovative cultures embrace paradox. Today more than ever organizations seeking to thrive not just survive must be innovative.

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Team effectiveness improves

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Business results improve

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Individual contributors and novice leaders grow into their full potential as leaders

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Pre-testing and post-testing increases confidence in the results of the Accelerator programs, and provides evidence for sharing with management

Team Results

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Developed a culture of trust and open communication and held each other accountable!

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Used metrics to chart common goals and make informed decisions

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Identified gaps in communication to shore up productivity and engagement

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Adopted a research-based assessment to pinpoint behaviors that needed improvement

“Wow! What a great event. Outstanding people you brought together. Loved the session. Thank you so very much for taking such good care of me!! Thank you for your outstanding content, format, facilitation, and inspiration. It was marvelous. And you assembled such an impressive group.“

—  Leah
“The invite is much appreciated as was the discussion!“

—  Rick
“Thank you for your follow up, professional insight and delivery.  You are a gem!“

—  Edilia

The Business Problem

What got us here is insufficient for the future; the drivers of yesterday’s strategies are inadequate for today’s winding road.


“Paul Pohlman knew that an ‘AND Mentality’ — the tension between two seemingly opposing thoughts — was the BENEFICIAL way to stretch people’s way of thinking to achieve optimal performance. He knew that Paradoxical Leadership would foster creativity and high performance. He was on to something powerful. During his tenure the company delivered a Total shareholder Return of 290%.”

—   Pamela Stambaugh

When Reality is Unstable

In our current pandemic state, and moving bravely forward into the future, leaders need to bring a sense of disruptive thinking to the table. This sounds counter-intuitive and it is! When reality is unstable, embrace a both/and approach to problem solving.


Mastering 12 Paradoxes

Perturbation involves taking risks, being willing to stand for something other than the status quo, taking actions that are unpredicted, and having uncomfortable conversations to produce a different work experience, but not without mastery of 12 paradoxes which are the port in the storm. Paradoxical Leadership provides mastery of the 12 paradoxical relationships that enable internal stability in the face of external instability.

Once you stand in your center of gravity you can stand in the storm and:
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Have your assumptions challenged
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Invite dense, difficult challenges

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Identify and invite signals you may not have previously read as signals

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Ask better questions

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