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TEAM Power Up Accelerator

Powering up your team involves assessing behavioral preferences and tendencies which, once distinguished, can be developed. 

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Power Up

7 Dimensions of Team Power diminish the distraction of personal differences to enhance cooperation.


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Team effectiveness improves
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Business results improve
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Individual contributors and novice leaders grow into their full potential as leaders
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Pre-testing and post-testing increases confidence in the results of the Accelerator programs, and provides evidence for sharing with management

Team Results

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Developed a culture of trust and open communication and held each other accountable!
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Used metrics to chart common goals and make informed decisions
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Identified gaps in communication to shore up productivity and engagement
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Adopted a research-based assessment to pinpoint behaviors that needed improvement


“Our annual survey revealed team improvements in two crucial areas of trust that we attribute to our work with Pamela.

First, our managers Increased communication and feedback to their teams from 80% to 95%.

Second, honest, two-way communication improved From 68% to 80%

— Geoffrey Hamilton

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Stemson Therapeutics


The Engine To Grow Your Business

Team Power Up Benefits and Team Results are summarized above in blue.

You already know that very few results can be produced by one person, even a strong producer. When well led, teams can produce amazing results! Even small organizations form project teams to achieve speed and efficiency to power organizational growth.

I have been asked, “Can you measure team power?”

Yes. The 7 Dimensions of Team Power™ dives into each of these Dimensions, including all 12 paradoxes measured by the Harrison Assessment. These provide feedback to fuel both individual and team development.


With identification of your learning edges you and your team mates can develop well-informed, purposeful team dynamics. Fun replaces struggle. You are POWERED UP as an effective team to produce results with ease.

Take your foot off the brake.

Experience the assessment and receive feedback