What is needed for YOU to
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Your team is performing well… but could you take it up a notch?

Your team knows their area of expertise… but what will drive excellent results?

HINT: It’s a 7-ingredient recipe.

This recipe is based on 30+ years as a Behavioral Change Master, including

24 years of training executives and leaders at all levels.

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What Clients are Saying about Pamela’s Impact on their Leadership

“Good news! We’re benefitting from all your good coaching – we’re bringing frankness to hard conversations and leaving the room unified.” – Clifford “Rip” Rippetoe | CVE of San Diego Convention Center Corporation

“One year later, my team felt that the session with Accountability Pays greatly contributed to the improvements in the team ratings.” – Geoff Hamilton | Co-Founder and CEO of Stemson Therapeutics | 10 Year Client of AP

 “I am the Chief Operating Officer of a small, but rapidly growing business.  We have more than doubled our revenue since the beginning of 2021.  For us, leadership development is absolutely critical for sustained success. We have found Accountability Pays to be a wonderful partner.  Even as the owner, Pamela is engaged with our managers and is an outstanding coach. Their customized approach challenges our emerging leaders to work on what will make them more effective in their current roles and beyond.” – Paul Allen | COO of Securis