Our clients learn to OWN the ROAD to their desired results

Pamela Stambaugh


Who I work with

CEOs of growing enterprises

I might be carefully mapping a customized journey with tools and practices to achieve profitable growth, one mile at a time.

Or I might be providing traditional executive coaching, and I often support the executive team with surveys and/or team events.

Emerging Leaders who want to BE Leaders producing powerful results

I get you ready to optimize the engagement of your team members so that they, and you, are at your peak performance as highly effective, powerful results producers through the Emerging Leader Accelerator

Human Resource leaders in mid-cap and large organizations

We provide the benefit of, and train how to use organizational analytics for recruiting and developing employees. The Harrison Assessment© supports the entire talent lifecycle.

My purpose in life

My purpose in life — my raison d’être— is inside of a commitment that leaders lead with integrity, with love and listen for peoples’ greatness.  I also realize and operate from an awareness and acceptance that we are all human beings with human failings.  It’s the climb that matters.  With leaders who are committed to integrity, love, and generous listening as a way of being, employees can feel safe and safety makes trust possible.  Trust is never assured, is earned and always needs to be nurtured.  We are in the HUMAN condition, not the PERFECT condition. 

I will stand for you and by you on your journey to your desired outcomes, and support YOUR commitments from inside of MY commitment.



My specialty

Behavioral Change Master Facilitating Growth and Development

As a Behavioral Change Master, I will stand for you and by you on your journey to excellence, not stepping over conversations we need to have that will bring you to your A-Game, your team to its A-Game, your organization to its A-Game. This journey is all about the climb — becoming more effective and more successful together than you ever thought possible, one choice and one action at a time.

I bring over 30 years of coaching and consulting experience and 24 years’ experience using the Harrison Assessments© as a core tool in my toolbox.

Additionally, I am International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified. I am a Certified Woman Owned Business, Woman Owned Small Business, and CPUC certified through Supplier Clearinghouse.

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Pamela at play

What I do when I’m not at work

My husband, Larry and I live in a San Diego downtown high rise. We enjoy walking to the University Club atop Symphony Towers for a pre-symphony dinner then Beethoven, Chopin, DeBussy or some delightful combination.

On a daily basis I enjoy Pilates or swimming, alternating between the two to keep me sharp, focused and in shape.

We like to travel and have done a considerable amount of that, from local jaunts to the California wine country to France for a barge cruise. We both enjoy photography, me with my iPhone, Larry with his NIKON camera. We play golf; he’s the golfer, I’m the duffer.

I also am the chairman of the Distinguished Speaker Series now called Downtown Quarterly Update at the University Club; I mentor an MBA student at the University of San Diego, my MBA Alma Mater, each year for the past 7 years; and I have volunteered for many years for Landmark Education, as a team leader and coach.


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