Growth Coaching and Consulting Services


Growth Coaching and Consulting


CEO Tools© Growth

A proactive JOURNEY of growing with purpose, the “CEO” Tools© and Practices are customized to build on your current success.


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TEAM Power-Up

Team Power is the ENGINE to GROW your business. Team is where EVERYTHING in an organization gets done, even small organizations through project teams.


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Succession/Career Pathing Accelerator

Human Resources: Evaluate 175 essential elements to optimize human potential and more in a user friendly platform.

Individual Contributors: If you aren’t in an emerging leader program at work, learn more.

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Case Study

While coaching and consulting needs are sometimes required separately, some clients see the interlocking relationship between their Organizational Growth Journey, Team Power to achieve that growth, and the importance of developing individuals for future roles. We applied all three Growth Coaching and Consulting services over three years at Culinary Concepts. The leadership transformed from a group of individuals into a team. A succession plan was in place and the successor on a development plan.


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Become a self-generating “autonomous” organization capable of responding rapidly to changing environments and situations

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Efficiency and effectiveness by thoroughly communicating and aligning actions with intentions

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One living document becomes central to everyone’s actions to produce the desired outcomes

Financial Results

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In 2019, the company had its most profitable year ever in its 30-year history

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By February of 2020, the company had already met its sales goals for 2020

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In the operational divisions, costs were reduced by 15% on average

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Feedback was measured and confirmed 99% customer satisfaction


“I highly recommend having a conversation with Pamela Stambaugh about your team effectiveness as I did — you won’t necessarily notice what’s missing, perhaps you’re putting up with what’s gotten familiar — and evaluate with her the positive impact that team accountability can have on your company’s future success.”

— Kathy Koenig

Owner/CEO of Culinary Concepts

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