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Emerging Leader Accelerator

This 6-Month Accelerator for Emerging Leaders delivers a research based personalized curriculum and coaching program that is attracting the following participants who are typically identified from either senior management, division/department leads, or human resources, depending on the size of the organization.

Managers and executives who want to be more effective as a leader to enhance team fulfillment and effectiveness.

– Founding CEO’s direct reports, people who were with the company from the start and promoted from doer to leader, who are now struggling in their new role.

– Direct reports who show promise as a budding leader (high potential individual performers or new managers) who may be a flight risk if not developed as leaders.

– Start-up and mature business leaders who want to grow their leadership capabilities because feedback indicates they are not as effective a leader as they would like to be.

Emerging Leader Accelerator Benefits

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The curriculum, the buddies system, the custom selection of traits to develop, the ”Stake in the Ground,” and “Growth Mindset” each contribute to producing amazing results within 6 months

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They help build influencing skills, taking initiative, and putting attention on the team and their fulfillment in contributing to enterprise success
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This program gives you access to the more powerful and more subtle human dimensions of leadership, such as holding people accountable while not making them wrong and simultaneously creating the desire for excellence
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It answers the questions, “who are you BEING?” and, “how do you SHOW UP, such that people are willing to have their performance gaps pointed out, and in that dialog feel contributed to by you, their leader.”

Organization’s Results

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Less flight risk from individuals who want to optimize their potential
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Lower turn-over as effective leadership improves employee fulfillment
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Confidence that program graduates are engaged and prepared to have effective conversations, even the difficult, necessary ones

Individual’s Results

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Competence as a leader
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Confidence in leadership capabilities
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Growth mindset to take on challenges
Buster Segura CEO
“After receiving outstanding results on our job description updates, I chose to include five employees in the Emerging Leader Accelerator that Pamela is facilitating. Her breadth of knowledge in this field is extraordinary, her insights into employee interactions are precise, and her forward thinking discussions point us in the direction I want to go as we develop L&T’s leadership over the next 10-20 years.”

— Buster Segura, CEO

Lewis & Tibbitts is a 130 employee underground utilities contractor in San Jose, CA.

Two Participants’ Reflections of the Value Received

Camille Sparks, Business Development, Pangea Biological

Emmeline Saavedra, President, The Champions Institute (TCI)

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