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"I resisted tracking leading indicators for fear of becoming a micromanager and from the self-limiting belief that I did not have time to manage the daily activities of my people."

"In truth, what has actually happened is my strategic time has been freed up, as a result of holding everyone more accountable, and my conversations with my staff have become much more focused."

Shannon Erdell

"We have an annual employee survey for the entire company. It measures many things, including employee engagement, satisfaction, and manager feedback. Several questions show very important improvements that we would attribute to our time training with Accountability Pays. My team felt that Accountability Pays greatly contributed to the improvements in the following team ratings:

1. Key Metric: ‘My manager gives me feedback that helps me improve my performance.’ Originally we scored only 80% favorable in 2012 and improved to 95% favorable!

2. Key Metric: ‘In my work group, there is open and honest two-way communication.’ The score rose from 68% in 2012 to 80%.

3. Key Metric: ‘I feel that I am part of a work group that works effectively together.’ My team rating in 2012 was 74% and rose to 80%."

Geoff is currently a 3x repeat client, having moved companies and risen to the role of CEO.

Geoff Hamilton

"Accountability Pays first began working with our executive team almost three years ago. We evaluated ourselves as a team and saw some gaps in how we hold ourselves and each other accountable. Although we are successful, we had many unforeseen breakdowns, so they worked with us to upgrade how we communicate our way through systemic steps of getting our product delivered on time and with great success.

Pamela directly helped me, as CEO, initiate a customer review process at the end of our event delivery, and today, our satisfaction ratings are now between 97% and 100% satisfied. Using the Leadership Impact Survey, we asked my direct reports about my effectiveness as a leader. In year two of the survey, I had substantially improved as a leader. I am a better manager today and still growing, thanks to the support of Accountability Pays."