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“Pamela Stambaugh and I have collaborated to put together organizational analytics for our Masters in Business Administration students at CETYS University, implementing the Behavioral Competencies as a pre-test and then a post-test for what they have learned over their tenure as students at the University…. Due to COVID-19 we have had to delay implementation, currently completed, awaiting budget approval presumably coming post-COVID 19 impacts.”

— Dr. Monica Lopez Sieben

Dean of the Graduate School of Business
CETYS University, Baja California, MX


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Captures the analytics of Behavioral Competencies and Employee Engagement in an interactive dashboard

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Assesses the culture to identify individual risk issues so immediate communications can avert losing people

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Analytics assist in creating development plans to enhance decision making, critical thinking and leadership competencies


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Knowing the precise leadership qualities that create success in the role

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Improved professional growth and retention of [engineers, or whatever role is being measured

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Identify high potentials from among high performers who are eligible and who WANT to be developed into leaders.  Quantify these indicators with hard data

Organizational Analytics including the 12 Leadership Paradoxes

Analyze your organization’s Behavioral Competencies, Employees, and Paradoxical Abilities. Use interactive graphs and charts to understand divisions, departments, teams, and individuals. There are unlimited ways to filter and sort your data. Identify trends and improvements with year-by-year comparisons.

  • Identify leadership strengths and gaps
  • Target high potentials, individuals at risk, and developmental needs
  • Free overall scores for each employee for engagement, behavioral competencies, and paradox

Engagement Analytics

Drill-down from the organizational level to see each individual’s expectations and fulfillment scores. Monitor the engagement pulse of your organization. Empower your leaders to engage their teams.

  • Discover how to retain top performers and identify disengaged employees
  • Unlimited Engagement reports per employee (normally 1 unit each)
  • Includes unlimited Engagement surveys

Behavioral Competency Analytics

View individual competency levels for Senior and Emerging Leaders, Remote Working, Emotional intelligence, Collaboration, and any custom behavioral competencies. Measure your organization’s culture and target development for each individual or group.

  • Free Overview reports for every Competency Set
  • Includes scores for every competency within each set
  • Empower your leaders to facilitate a high-performance culture


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