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How Can Leaders Earn Your Trust?

Do you choose to work at a company because of exceptional leadership and trust in an individual or team?  Maybe you attend a particular church because of the minister and their leadership in the area of spirituality.  You might have joined a nonprofit because the leader was successful in enrolling you in the cause, and embodied a trusting presence. If so, you’re among the lucky few.

The vast majority of leaders are not holding the public’s trust. The 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals the third year of decline in trust of business and government leaders. The decrease cuts across all institutions, the report said, driven by confidence-shaking events of 2014 including Ebola in West Africa; the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370; the arrest of top Chinese Government officials; the rigging of foreign exchange rate by six global banks; and data breaches, like the catastrophic hack at Sony Pictures.

So what does it take to earn public trust? The Edelman report points to fact-based innovation. Transparent accountability. Innovation that helps the world. Leaders will need to communicate their company’s or product’s purpose.

How that message is conveyed matters. Stephen Covey said the ‘first job of any leader is to inspire trust.’ Covey identified 13 common behaviors of trusted leaders around the world that build and maintain trust.

1.Talk Straight

2. Demonstrate Respect

3. Create Transparency

4. Right Wrongs

5. Show Loyalty

6. Deliver Results

7. Get Better

8. Confront Reality

9. Clarify Expectation

10. Practice Accountability

11. Listen First

12. Keep Commitments

13. Extend Trust

True leaders earn the trust of their followers. Sure, it might be about charisma, for a while. If the leader doesn’t deliver what’s promised, charisma won’t hold anyone’s trust.

What do you think it takes for a leader to earn trust? I welcome your comments, your questions, your concerns.

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