Human Capital Optimization


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Recruitment & Onboarding Optimization

Executives get selection right, on average, about 50% of the time, with a great deal of administrative burden costs, both human capital and financial.


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Engagement for Retention Optimization

Organizations are continually challenged to identify ways to increase employee engagement. While changes in benefits, rewards, and compensation are often considered the best solution, engagement results seldom reflect significant improvement.

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Paradoxical Leadership Optimization

Our research and recent political polarization confirm that leaders are losing trust in the face of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, impacting effective decision making.

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Hiring the right people, quickly and accurately assessing their fit for the job using 175 data points, some of which are uniquely required for a job. Validated for recruitment!

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Measuring engagement which powers a conversation with a manager and his or her direct report – not a vague overview report, but a specific report on 8 categories of engagement concern

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Paradoxical Leadership is a program to address the issues of leadership that today require optimal thinking and the capability to bring effective resolutions in complex, fast-changing times and environments


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Talent solutions for the entire employment lifecycle

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Having the right people doing jobs for which they are skilled and have passion will speed desired outcomes and smooth the journey

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Engaged employees wholeheartedly give discretionary effort to help organizations succeed because clarity around what the employee BRINGS to what they want from the organization provides shared responsibility

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Paradoxical leadership strengthens the leader’s capacity to be with the tension between opposing forces, enhancing the mental capacity to come to a better conclusion

“The Harrison Assessments© Talent Solutions is the single greatest improvement to our organization’s ability to manage its growth in the last year. It creates important, viable, worthwhile conversations we did not have before in the recruitment process. And I did not just fall off the turnip truck!

It is a mistake to focus solely on recruitment, tie it all into talent management if you want “A” players and you want to avoid “B” players or worse!”

— Steve Sublett

Senior Vice President, CBIZ Benefits and Insurance, Inc.

For Remote Workers, Providing L&D Helps to Stop Turnover

76% of remote employees say they’d stay at their company longer if they could benefit more from learning and development support.*

Accountability Pays partners with its clients to address their challenges by utilizing rigorously researched and statistically validated assessment tools for supporting their areas of HR focus.

The Company specializes in the Harrison Talent Solutions, that is well known for their focus on providing the most accurate and effective assessments in the industry due to dedicating a large portion of their resources to research, development and user friendly software engineering. Accountability Pays helps its clients optimize their human capital by leveraging the deep understanding of human resources and psychology.

Accountability Pays focuses on providing the most trusted and accurate employee assessment tools in the industry, leadership training and team building skills throughout the entire HR process, including Talent Acquisition; Team Building and Alignment; Employee Engagement; Succession Planning and Career Planning; Leadership Training and Culture.